I was not Homecoming Queen

I would describe my mom as an introvert.  She was not the sort of woman who wore Avon and attended Tupperware parties.  When it came to wedding and baby shower invitations, she unilaterally declined.  That is why it is so surprising to me that in high school Mom was a cheerleader, elected Homecoming queen, and voted most popular her senior year.

Mom as Homecoming Queen

My 1987 swim team photo. Notice the terrible hair and that was after months of growing it out.

Wake and his “Worst Car” yearbook photo, 1987

I was never voted most anything in high school.  I had a lot of good friends, but not in a quantity that could potentially sway a vote.  I wasn’t very cute in high school.  I was fairly bulky, which I blame on the fact that I was a swimmer, but I am sure Pizza Haven’s all-you-can-eat Tuesdays didn’t help much either.  I was very straight laced at a teenager, opinionated, and shamefully judgmental.  Plus, I had a terrible hair cut.

Thankfully, my high school boyfriend overlooked my shortcomings.  He was actually voted worst car.  He drove a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont.  Mushrooms grew in the back seat where it leaked when it rained.  I guess if you think about it, I was voted worse car by association, which is better than being voted no car, which is a category I was totally qualified for.

Just as my mom evolved, I have grown since high school as well.  I like the woman I am much better than the girl I was, which is how it should be.  Otherwise, we would all be walking around with bad haircuts and have fungus growing in the backseats of our cars.

(Note to Wake:  If you read this, you should comment about how I was cute-in-my-own-way and hilarious.  You should not forget to mention my fantastic comedic timing.)


3 thoughts on “I was not Homecoming Queen

  1. Wake says:

    You were cute-in-your-own-way and hilarious. I shouldn’t forget to mention you had fantastic comedic timing.

    • Thanks, Wake. I was so excited to see your comment. It is so rare that anyone does what I ask them to do. If you had done that back in 1989, we would be married right now. Actually, we would be divorced right now with one moody kid named Townsend (after the legendary Pete). But, hey, I would finally have a child who could play a musical instrument and that would be awesome. (I should note here that Meg can totally play Row, Row, Row Your Boat on the recorder. Props to Meg!)

  2. wlubking says:

    Yeah, probably a good thing I hadn’t done that back in 1989 🙂

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