I’ll take the Vampanodos please

Christian Louboutin created his shoe empire by designing teeteringly-high stilettos with a signature lacquer-red sole.  Recently, Louboutin won a lawsuit confirming that his red soles are indeed a trademark, and as a result, other companies cannot mimic the unique undercarriage of his shoes.


This is as it should be.  The vivid red sole is as identifiable as a Nike swoosh.  However, since no other company can produce red-soled shoes, I suggest Louboutin create a line for Target to appease us soccer moms with a lust for couture.  After all, Vera Wang did it for Kohl’s: 


Think of the possibilities.  Cute sneakers with bright red soles, sleek ballet flats, and of course, a platform heal for the commoner without a Sarah Jessica Parker budget.

In exchange for creating this new business model for Christian, I am sure he will want to compensate me with a pair of shoes, and although I am confident his future Target line will be phenomenal, I would prefer he send me these in a size 8:

Christian Louboutin
Vampanodo Satin Bow Sandal


4 thoughts on “I’ll take the Vampanodos please

  1. Caryn says:

    Ah yes….the red soled shoes. I had a pair….for about 48 hours…..then buyer’s remorse had me back at Nordstrom for a return. 🙂

  2. wordpressreport says:

    Reblogged this on Women Fashion Manifesto.

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