the beauty of a second opinion

Many of you have been diligently following my attempts to go cold-turkey on coffee.  This decision was based on my doctor declaring, via a blood test, that I am allergic to my morning beverage of choice (see my post about my odd food allergies).

Since I had never heard of anyone else being allergic to coffee, I made an appointment with another doctor to seek a second opinion.  This new doc suggested that many in the medical field didn’t consider the particular blood test used on me to be an accurate measure of food allergies.  She also commented that the test in question frequently produced false positives. 

She went on to say most doctors diagnose a food allergy based only on whether or not you break out in hives after you have eaten a particular item.  None of the items on my allergy list cause me to break out in hives, so she said she would not consider me allergic to any of them. 

I didn’t need to hear anymore; I ran from her office straight to Starbucks for a venti mocha!

On a side note, I plan to implement this course of action as an ongoing part of my overall health management.  If a doctor hands down a diagnosis I don’t like, I plan to see different doctors until one overturns the original verdict and gives me the news I want to hear. 🙂

On a second side note, my husband said that living with me and my coffee withdrawals was grounds for divorce, but he agreed he would stick by my side regardless because that is just the patient type-of-guy he is (also with me gone who would do the laundry?)  He didn’t say any of this out loud, it was all through a series of complicated facial expressions and body language which I am a master at deciphering.  So, “Thanks, Honey, for not ditching me last week.  You are enduring, long-suffering, and selfless, even if you do think that sorting clothes based on color is an inefficient method for doing laundry.”


2 thoughts on “the beauty of a second opinion

  1. neighbor says:

    Shall I buy stock in Starbucks? Sounds like a much better & wiser doctor.

  2. Caryn says:

    I agree with your philosophy whole-heartedly. Ask as many people as you need to get the answer you want….then stop asking. 🙂

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