despite his brilliance

My husband is freakishly smart.  When we first started dating, I asked him exactly how high his IQ was, but he always evaded the question.  I began to feel like the girlfriend who continuously asks her new boyfriend how much money he makes.  I didn’t want Tim to think I was an intellect whore, so I quit broaching the subject.

Despite his brilliance, or perhaps because of it, Tim talks to himself.  I don’t mean he mutters every once in a while.  My husband has full-blown conversations with himself at the same frequency with which I eat chocolate.  In other words, daily.

Last night Tim was sitting alone, in front of a computer, talking to an email. 

I walked into the room, and in a tone reserved for librarians and psycho-therapists, I said, “Hon-ey, you’re talking to yourself.”

He smiled.  “I realize this.”

“Do you talk to yourself at work?” I asked.

“Hell, yes!  All the time.”

“Honey, people are going to think you’re crazy.”

“Let ‘em think that,” he laughed.  “I’ve got a lot a’ shit to discuss.”


6 thoughts on “despite his brilliance

  1. Dorothy Judd says:

    He’s just happy t have an intelligent person with whom to converse!!!

  2. neighbor says:

    Sounds healthy as can be to me. Maybe we should all take up this practice!

  3. I do sometimes to when I am alone, I think it is normal for us to talk to ourselves, Its just comes across weird to the society 🙂

  4. Caryn says:

    Frankly many a time, I am the most interesting person in the room to talk to. 🙂

  5. tersiaburger says:

    At least he is in good company!

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