proof of my mental stability

Yesterday I posted two ghastly photos of myself.  When my husband read my blog, his comment was, “Damn, Honey, that is one big-ass thigh.”  So, today I have decided to post only cute photos of myself in order to prove two things.  One, I have learned from my poor hair choices in the 80’s, and I am no longer Annie Lennox’s doppelgänger.  Two, I am not a homeless person with questionable mental stability.

Totally cute Me with makeup and washed hair.

fun-loving me, a completely mentally-stable dog lover. My dog is the one in front.


6 thoughts on “proof of my mental stability

  1. Caryn says:


  2. If you squint and look at your picture in BW and then up at your mom’s picture, they are virtually the same!!

  3. Totally forgot about the adoption thing! Freaky!!

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