public apology

Last night I had a dream that I used the F-word in a blog post.  In my dream, my Aunt Rosemary was so disgusted with me that she started her own blog to talk about what a disappointment I was and how upset my mother would be to read such trash.

I woke up and realized I have been a bit profane in some of my blog posts, and because I want to sleep tonight and not dream about enraged relatives, I am going to publicly apologize for calling my front-yard mole an asshole.  It is obviously not a lady-like use of language.

So, Rosemary, please quit haunting my dreams, and I will do my best to avoid four-letter words.  Of course, I am sure you will understand that sometimes a certain amount of embellishment is f***ing necessary.

My Aunt Rosemary in front with my grandma and my mom in the back


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