I can’t remember all the things I’ve forgotten

Today I had plans to meet my girlfriend for lunch.  I made arrangements with my neighbor to watch my three-year-old for a couple of hours and then drop her off at preschool, so that I could head into the city and have meal at a restaurant that didn’t involve cardboard containers, balloons, or one of my children complaining about a severe ketchup shortage. 

At 12:30 my neighbor phoned my cell.  “I just drove Ella over to her preschool,” she said.  “But, school is closed today.  Apparently there were parent/teacher conferences instead.”

Yipes!  I totally forgot that my baby didn’t have school, and I completely missed parent/teacher conferences.  I don’t mind missing the conference.  Ella is my third child so I know the meeting would have gone like this:

Teacher:  Ella really likes school.

Me:  Yes she does.

Teacher:  Ella can be bossy.

Me:  Yes she can.

Teacher:  Ella is very bright when it comes to her verbal skills.

Me:  Yes she is.

Then I would apologize for sending Ella to school without her hair brushed ‘cause some mornings that battle is simply not worth fighting.  At this point, the teacher would smile at me kindly like you poor woman; the inmates are running your asylum. 

Still, I can’t believe I made such a huge scheduling error.  I am sure there have been other points in my children’s lives when I’ve flubbed up the calendar, but right now I can’t remember all the things I’ve forgotten.


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