the girl she used to be

I have two teenagers and a three-year-old.  My oldest children have moments of intense idiocy, but for the most part, they are put-together young adults.  Despite their exterior self-confidence, every once in a while they do something that reminds me of the children they used to be.

Last night, my youngest daughter and I were carving pumpkins.  My teens are far too cool for pumpkin carving, but seeing Ella and I elbow deep in gourd guts compelled them to join in. 

“I want only triangles on my jack-o-lantern,” Ella said.  “’Cause triangles are the most beautiful shape.”

I personally don’t think triangles are the most beautiful shape, but I am not one to question the ascetics of a preschooler.  As I was slicing triangular eyes into Ella’s pumpkin, Cole asked, “Can I carve something inappropriate?”

I wrinkled my brow.  “Like what?” I asked.

“A butt crack with pumpkins guts shooting out of it.”

My little eight-year-old was back, the boy who found humor in all things gross.

“Never mind,” he said.  “I have a better idea.”

In the end, Cole carved a Cyclops with a goatee.

Meg was quietly working on her pumpkin long after we had finished. 

My first-born has long blonde hair, pierced ears, and multiple pairs of knee-high boots.  She works part-time as a lifeguard and plays varsity soccer.  Meg has a respectable academic record and drives an electric-blue pick-up (Which by the way, her parents own but she insists on calling it hers.  She will have a rude awakening when we ship her off to college and the truck stays home.)  She is a poised and responsible sixteen-year-old. 

When she made the last cut, she turned it around.  “Can you tell who it is?” she asked.

Suddenly, there in front of me was the ten-year-old girl Meg used to be.  I smiled and said, “It’s Harry Potter.”


One thought on “the girl she used to be

  1. I ♥ Cole! I’m stealing the butt crack idea 🙂

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