manual labor

I have been doing a lot of manual labor lately.  I actually don’t mind the work.  In general, I am a woman with a lot on her mind, and yard work gives me time to organize the chaos inside my head.  The only thing I don’t like about manual labor is being distracted from the task at hand.

Giant mess of leaves, which you will notice fall from my neighbor’s tree into my yard.

This morning, I went out to rake the leaves in my yard.  Because I am an experienced leaf-raker, I estimated that cleaning up the mess would take about an hour, but I failed to estimate the hour worth of interruptions I would receive while trying to rake.  That is the problem with manual labor, you can never anticipate that the UPS guy will show up and want to share his recipe for award-winning giblet gravy, or the neighbor will choose Thursday at 10:00 AM to discuss the placement of our shared mailbox.  You can never predict when your three-year-old will demand a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich cut into the shape of mickey mouse.  So, the hour chore ends up doubling.

And I certainly could not foresee that while I was out raking, Ella would be inside tying the dog to the coffee table with a small belt.  That is something you can’t really imagine until your child comes screaming into the yard yelling, “The dog is stuck!  The dog is stuck!”

Chaucer tethered to the coffee table

three hours later


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