are you going to blog about this?

I can see that getting posts completed during the holiday season is going to be tricky.  Fortunately, my son cooperated today by doing something blog worthy.

My children are slobs and my husband is the opposite.  He is so tidy in fact, he color-codes his socks.  If you ask him why he color-codes his socks, he will tell you that if the power goes out, he likes to know he can successfully choose blue socks or black socks in the dark based on their position in the drawer.  He is sincerely shocked to discover others do not share this concern.

When my children leave their gear around the house, Tim loses his mind.  Often, he will hide items or simply throw them out the nearest window.  Recently, my son left his sneakers on the living room floor and Tim pitched them out onto the lawn where they sat for a week.  Finally, I could take it no more.  “Cole, Buddy,” I said.  “When are you going to deal with the shoes out on the lawn.”

“Wait, what?”

Source of the pooh

“Your shoes?  They have been on the lawn for a week.”

At this point, Cole dashes out to the back yard and retrieves his soaking-wet sneakers.  Several steps into the house he realizes that, while on the lawn, he stepped in dog pooh.

I surveyed the disgusting tracks around my kitchen island, shrugged, and handed Cole a roll of paper towels and some disinfectant.

On his hands and knees, he began scrubbing the mess.  “You’re not going to blog about this, are you?”

“Of course not,” I replied.  “Why would I blog about poop on my floor?”

Obviously, I lied.  I am totally blogging about poop on my floor.


3 thoughts on “are you going to blog about this?

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