the trouble with temptation

Yesterday, my mother-in-law brought over advent calendars for each of my kids.  We carefully explained the concept to my three-year-old.

“Open one window each day until Christmas,” I said.

Since yesterday was December first, I showed her how to open the first window.  “Its chocolate!” she squealed.

My mother-in-law left, and I headed to the laundry room to finish my morning chores.  When I came back into the family room, the advent calendar looked like this:

Ella's empty advent calendar

Ella’s empty advent calendar


2 thoughts on “the trouble with temptation

  1. Caryn says:

    What part of “open one a day” did she miss? 😉 My guess is that Farmor might even get her another one.

  2. […] already wrote about how Christmas is a season of temptations.  This rings true for my neighbor.  To protect her identity, we should call her Sam (We should […]

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