the sleigh is pretty heavy

I already wrote about how Christmas is a season of temptations.  This rings true for my neighbor.  To protect her identity, we should call her Sam (We should call her Sam, ’cause that is her name) (I’m just kidding, Sam is not really her name) (Yes it is)

Sam found the Christmas present her husband bought for her.  She carefully unwrapped it and inside the box found a gorgeous necklace and hideous earrings (her description, not mine).  After a gleeful dance for joy, she carefully re-taped the wrapping paper, and placed the gift back in its original hiding spot.  As the day passed, she worried that her cover-up may not be entirely convincing, so in the end, she took the gift back to the jewelry store and had the sales associate re-wrap it.

This reminded me of the year my brother found our Christmas gifts in the attic.  He was so excited, he encouraged me to go up with him and look through the loot.  I did.  In my pile I found a teddy bear and clothes for my Barbie, then we tucked everything back in the shopping bag.  The funny part is that when all these gifts ended up under the tree on Christmas morning, I still totally believed Santa had put them there.  I convinced myself that Santa had to stash gifts early or risk weighing down the sleigh.



2 thoughts on “the sleigh is pretty heavy

  1. Alex Lytle says:

    I’ll bet all your neighbors that read this are pointing fingers at each other 🙂

  2. […] the sleigh is pretty heavy ( […]

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