the half-flush option

It is no secret to my family that I am obsessive about a clean bathroom.  I make my teenagers clean our bathrooms every Saturday morning,  and every Saturday morning they complain that the bathrooms aren’t dirty.  It is our weekly dance.

“Clean the bathrooms.”

“They’re not dirty, whah, whah, whah, blah, blah, blah.”

Then, I level them with the stink-eye, and my bathrooms get cleaned.

Members of my family are rarely sick, and I contribute this in part to my strict bathroom disinfecting regiment.

So, you can see why I was surprised while vacationing in Iceland to discover the countries option for a  half-flush.  When using the toilet, they have a button for a full-flush and a button for a half-flush.  This raised serious concern on my part.  First of all, my fourteen-year-old son can’t keep track of his own shoes.  How can one trust him with the half-flush option?  And my husband with his laissez-fair bathroom attitude will certainly be half-flushing all day long.  Then, you have my three-year-old who often believes one needs to flush two or three times.  Surely she will spend all day in the bathroom–half-flush, full-flush, half-flush, full-flush.  It is too great a responsibility.

No one was more shocked than I to discover that a half-flush is, more often than not, a perfectly adequate choice.  I found myself half-flushing with surprising frequency.

Now the question is why aren’t we allowed to half-flush in the US?  Can one import a toilet from Iceland?  And can said toilet coexist with American plumbing fittings?

Rise up followers.  Join me in my quest for the daily half-flush.  It will change your life!


One thought on “the half-flush option

  1. NEIGHBOR says:

    yes, you can get them here. friends who just remodeled put them in. great water savers.

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