my resolution lasted 36 hours

I was recently in Paris where I ate a caramel éclair every day.  I believe God called me to eat these éclairs because if he didn’t want me to eat them, he wouldn’t have located a bakery right under the apartment we rented.

There are two notable pieces of information that stem from the éclair experience.  First, while in Paris, I did eat a lot of pastries, but I also walked 843 miles a day while carrying a thirty-five-pound three-year-old, as a result, I didn’t gain any weight (Yeah, ME!).  Second, I still feel a bit bad about the éclair binges, so I made a New Year’s resolution to eat less sugar.

Yesterday, I had to run to Target to grab a couple of things, and I found Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the shape of Christmas bells on sale 70% off, which is basically free candy.  Forgetting my resolution, I threw a bag in my cart.  In the car on the way home, I ate six.  FINE, I ate fourteen, but they were MINI, OK?  It’s not like I ate fourteen full-sized cups (geesh, get off my back).

Here is my question.  If one LEGITIMATELY forgets her resolution and eats fourteen pieces of candy (FINE, I ate sixteen.  Damn-it!)  Does it still count as a broken promise?  I really need to know.  If it does count as a broken promise, then to hell with it; I am going to eat the rest of the bag.

candy wrappers.  Stop judging me!

candy wrappers. Stop judging me!


One thought on “my resolution lasted 36 hours

  1. letkindshine says:

    God and peanut butter cups make for an interesting evening. Don’t you think?

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