A new STD

My family likes to drink Orangina (pronounced Orange-Geena) which is basically citrus-flavored soda.  Last weekend, my fourteen-year-old son, Cole,  and his buddy, Kyler, were standing in front of our refrigerator, staring at the contents within.

“I guess I will have an Orange-Gyna,” Kyler said.  It is important to note here that Kyler pronounced Orangina startlingly close to the word vagina.

“Oh my God,” Cole said.  “Did you just say Orange-Gyna?”

Kyler, realizing his error, started to laugh.

“You have ruined my favorite soda,” my son said.  “I can never drink this again.  Orange-Gyna is not a refreshing beverage; it’s a sexually transmitted disease.”

At this point, Cole broke into a voice accent, like a dopey fraternity brother or South Park character.  “I’ve got major problems,” he mimicked.  “My girlfriends got Orange-Gyna.”

Cole and Kyler rolled with laughter.

My family now refers to Orange-Geena only as Orange-Gyna.  Yesterday Cole wrote on my grocery list, “Buy more STD.”


One thought on “A new STD

  1. Caryn says:

    Crap! Another STD for me to worry about out here in the dating world?! 😉

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