winter weight update


On Monday, I confessed that I had gained three pounds this winter.  (YES!  I know I actually gained five pounds; you really don’t need to remind me).


I wanted to update you on operation eat-less-candy.  I spent the week depriving myself of peanut butter cups and when I got on the scale this morning, I had lost ZERO pounds.


Frustrated, I did what every slightly vain forty-four-year-old woman would do; I took a Prozac and bought a new scale.  Scale number two blinked its digital display cheerfully and declared that I had NOT gained three or even five pounds this winter; I GAINED SIX!


I am not going to let this get me down.  (That is not totally true; I will probably mope for another hour or so).  I am going to continue with my CRP (candy reduction plan) and I may add a few other foods to the list, like delicious bread and gouda cheese, but I draw the line at spaghetti.  I am not fricken’ giving up spaghetti; that would be barbaric.





One thought on “winter weight update

  1. Sally Ball says:

    Kate, I was just watching Ricci Lake today and its not necessarily the candy causing the weight gain. It’s not your fault…It could be your hormones!!!! I know what your thinking, Ricci Lake? Really? Well, I got home early today and when I turned the tv on, Ricci was talking about hormones, weight gain and aging. I sat right down to watch and listen. If you can find it On Demand, watch it. It was so informative. Don’t be put off when Suzanne Sommers comes on as a guest. She seemed just as knowledgeable as the Drs that were on. I’m inspired to visit my Dr to have my hormone levels checked. Sally Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

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