wiser with age

My mother-in-law was over for dinner recently, and she asked how my weight loss plan was working.

“Terrible,” I said.  “I have eliminated sugar and increased my workouts, but I haven’t lost any weight.  I even bought a new scale ’cause I was convinced my old scale was purposefully screwing with me.”

“Well,” she said, “Did you try out the scale before you bought it?”

“Try it out?”

“Yes, did you place all the scales in the aisle at the store and test them.”

“No,” I said.  “It never occurred to me to test them.”

“Oh, you have to test them,” she said.  “You try them out and buy the one that registers you at the lightest weight.”

My mother-in-law is obviously brilliant.  I probably could have lost a pound simply by testing all the scales.  This is vivid proof that women become wiser with age, not that my mother-in-law is old; she is totally not old!


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