operation 16

I am in the middle of my fifth annual scholarship drive.  In an effort to spread the word, I am posting the specifics here today.


On August 15, 2002, Scott Hanan and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.  As gifts to each other, we created lists, “Things I Want to do Before I Die.”  Scott’s list of 72 goals was sprinkled with the obvious—be 100% debt  free , drive a car on a super speedway, learn to fly fish.  There were also a few that surprised me—take three college-level history courses for fun, read the Federalist Papers.  There are items on the list he accomplished—build part of an addition to our house.  And unfortunately, many he did not, including number 16—Put someone, other than our kids, through college.

Scott and Cole 2005partial list from 2002


Scott died in 2005 and over the past eight years I have come back to the list.  For all the goals and dreams, number sixteen has always tugged at my heart with the most force, perhaps because it is something that Scott’s spirit can still accomplish—with just a little help.  Every bit counts and I would appreciate your donation.

The Scott Hanan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Checks should be made out to:  Auburn Community Scholarship Fund

please write “Scott Hanan Memorial Scholarship” on the memo line and mail to:

Judy Lutton

Auburn Community Scholarship Coordinator

Auburn High School

800 Fourth St NE

Auburn, WA  98002

For your reference, the Non-profit 501(c)3 Tax ID # is 916001640.  Don’t forget to have your company match your donation!!

Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would like to help with this effort.

On June 30th, 2005, my life took a drastic turn.  I believe the lesson to be learned is to balance missing Scott without missing life.  Help Scott check number 16 off his list, and in doing so, help a student take a drastic turn, a turn toward the future.


Scott and Cole 2005

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